Updated Stage 4 COVID-19 Employment Information

06 Aug 2020

A revised “Permitted Work Premises,” list was released by the Victorian Government overnight following the implementation of strict Stage 4 restrictions at midnight 5 August 2020. This new list provides much clearer definitions of allowable industries and ancillary businesses supporting a permitted workplace. Please click here to access the new list.

FCIA continues to seek further clarity from the Victorian State Government regarding specific details with respect to the flooring industry and its supply chain. We have been liaising closely with the Ai Group in seeking formal feedback from the Government regarding the circumstances surrounding "Ancillary businesses... necessary for the operations of a permitted work site," particularly as it impacts on the Flooring industry. Information from the Victorian State Government will become clearer over time. The flooring industry has extremely complex supply chains and because of this, there will always be “grey areas” which will require specific follow up.

As the situation needs to be clarified by the Victorian government, FCIA will endeavour to provide you with more accurate information as soon as we receive it. We hope that the Victorian State Government will provide more formal details in the very near future, however it is highly unlikely that all issues impacting FCIA members will be resolved by tonight.

In the absence of clear information, we recommend that Members should act with extreme caution and strictly adhere to the Stage 4 restrictions if there is any doubt about eligibility to continue operations. Significant fines and penalties will be imposed on businesses found to be breach of these restrictions. If asked by police you and/or your workers must be able to justify why you are operating and MUST have a permit under the permitted worker scheme.

The FCIA therefore reiterates that individual businesses are responsible for self-assessment as to whether they can remain operational as a permitted workplace with appropriate COVID Safe plans and work permits in compliance with the stage 4 restrictions imposed by the Victorian Government.

Below are useful links to resources which must be in place for any business eligible to operate under the Stage 4 restrictions.

  • Permitted worker template: Learn about the rules for issuing a worker permit and download the Permitted Worker template.
  • COVID Safe Plan templates and related information: The Business Victoria website and hotline provide information on restrictions and support to help your workplace plan and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19). Call Business Victoria on 13 22 15 or click here to download FAQs, Fact sheets and templates related to COVID Safe Plans.

Additional information

In providing the above information, the FCIA cannot advise individual businesses as to whether they meet the definition of a permitted workplace. FCIA will not accept any responsibility for any businesses choosing to continue operations and subsequently found to be ineligible for the permitted worker scheme or to be in breach of the Covid-19 stage 4 Restrictions as they are amended form time to time by the Victorian government.