Continuous improvement is one of FCIA’s core goals.

To achieve this we have created a number of Industry Advisory Panels who develop and recommend to the FCIA specific strategies for improving the entire industry.

The are panels for each industry sector, including Resilient, Carpet, Retail & Contractors. Each panel is chaired by the CEO of FCIA and comprises at least 3 FCIA members, recommended and endorsed by the board.

The core technical functions of the Industry Advisory Panels include:

  • analysing new & emerging technologies and practices and how they are impacting the industry
  • reviewing industry best practices against existing formal and informal standards
  • developing the tools to ensure consistent implementation, monitoring and quality control of flooring.

The core skills functions of the panels include:

  • analysing the emerging jobs roles and core skills needed for that sector covering Installers, Business Development & Sales Teams, Estimators, etc
  • providing government with industry intelligence to inform training policy and funding
  • overseeing Training Packages and Industry Qualifications
  • ensuring National Training Resources are current and relevant.

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