Become an apprentice

Becoming an apprentice in an established business could open doors (or floors) that you never dreamed possible for your career. If you’re considering becoming a qualified Floor Coverings Installer, consider an apprenticeship organised by FCIA. The flooring industry has so much to offer!

Check out what an apprenticeship and career in the flooring industry is all about below!


An apprenticeship in Flooring Technology can lead to many opportunities in the industry! Once qualified, you have the opportunity to earn big dollars while working as a self-employed flooring installer, even with a team of installers with you. Or you could become a retail store owner, a manufacturer sales or technical representative, commercial, or specifier. You could work in many different types of flooring ie, vinyl & resilient flooring, commercial installation, residential, timber, carpet, etc. As a flooring installer, most of your work will be conducted indoors, so say good bye to days in the rain or the pelting sun.
An apprenticeship is a program which offers you the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time! You are paid while learning the skills needed for the trade, while being supervised by an experienced tradeperson(s). You get hands-on, practical training, with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and an employer in the industry. Once you've completed your apprenticeship, you'll receive a trade certificate and a nationally recognised qualification.
While you do not need any formal qualification, a Year 10 Certificate is generally considered a minimum.
While you'll be learning on-the-job, your theoretical learning is done via our Learning Management System (Digido). You can access this via an app, computer, or tablet, making it easy to learn while you're at work. You are led by an expert tradesperson who can teach you the practical side of the career which is accompanied by formal training delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO). This training will be delivered on-the-job with a 1-week residential workshop completed off-the-job at a nominated worksite. These are fantastic weeks where you can meet fellow apprentices, trainers, and industry technical representatives and experts. Assessments for your apprenticeship will be conducted on the job, and will involve practical demonstration, and some theory via the online LMS, as well as some oral questions, written activities, and third party / supervisor reports.
This depends on the award in your state, how much you are working, and what tasks you will be undertaking. Once your apprenticeship is completed, the earning potential in the flooring industry is exponential! Flooring Installers are some of the highest paid trades in Australia. Depending on what work you are doing, and what sort of business you are working in, most qualified installers report an income of over $150,000 per year!
Most of your training will be done by on-the-job experience. You will have an allocated trainer who will visit you on site often and help you through your training plan and answer any questions you may have. Your trainer's role is to assess your competency with certain tasks and modules, assist you throughout your apprenticeship, and to offer you advice and support. While you will be supported by your employer, workmates, and trainers during your apprenticeship, it is your responsibility to complete your work and achieve your goal of becoming a qualified flooring installer.
Qualified flooring installers are in high demand in Australia, you would not be short on work opportunities once you are qualified.
A Flooring Technology apprenticeship with the FCIA is mostly on-the-job training.